MOA Berlin

Health & Safety Assurance

Dear guests, dear visitors, dear organizers,

Your well-being is our highest priority and as your host we bear a particularly
high responsibility for the health of our guests and employees.

In the following we will inform you about our hygiene concept. In addition, we ensure that
all rules and regulations laid down by the respective government are observed.

Please understand that we therefore deliberately do not offer
some services at the moment or only offer them in a reduced form.

#stayhealthy #staysafe


  • ... we welcome you now with mouth-nose protection - you too, please. You can see our smile from the heart in our eyes :)

  • Additional protection and above all sufficient distance is provided in our spacious house.

  • Of course, the highest priority is also given to disinfection according to the Covid-19 cleaning standards. We carry out daily disinfection of rooms and public areas and cleaning of all equipment, objects and surfaces.

  • The check-in/check-out can be done in one step at the reception. On departure, you are welcome to simply throw your key card into the box provided.

  • Currently we do not carry out daily room cleaning during your stay. This way we keep mutual contact points as low as possible. For longer stays we will clean your room every 3rd day. Should you require an intermediate cleaning, new towels or waste disposal, we will of course comply with your request. Please contact our reception desk in this matter.

  • Our breakfast buffet has been adapted with a one-way-road system to meet the hygiene standards.

  • In the buffet area, in addition to the minimum distance (1.5 m), a mouth and nose protection obligation applies to all guests.

  • Our fitness studio can not be used at the moment.

  • Hand disinfectants are available for you in the public areas.

  • Contactless payment is possible in all areas of the hotel.

  • We at MOA Berlin ensure that hygiene regulations, legal requirements and training courses are observed, documented and checked.

  • If you experience symptoms of Covid-19, such as fever and cough, please contact our front office, we will support you and take care of you. If in doubt, we will carry out a contactless fever measurement.

Please wear a mouth and nose protector in public areas!

Please note the information material and forms!

Please keep your distance to other people!

Please refrain from hugging!

Please do not shake hands!

Wash and disinfect hands regularly!

Please cough / sneeze into a handkerchief / the crook of your arm!

Please use contactless payment methods!


  • you will find this hygiene seal in front of the event rooms and in the entire event area.

  • Our promise is that your events will take place in cleaned and ventilated rooms and that surfaces will be regularly disinfected.

  • Disinfectants and disposable gloves are available at stations for all participants.

  • In addition, we are happy to provide conference guests with mouth-and-nose protection and exclusive disinfectant dispensers in your event space for an additional charge

  • Our spacious rooms offer more than enough space for distance and free space. The minimum distance can be easily implemented. WITH DISTANCE the best solution for a conference in Berlin.


We as a venue implement the following measures:

  • We discuss all the measures taken on site with our customers in advance so that we can adapt them to the event, and you have a contact person on site at all times.

  • Seating is adjusted to the minimum distance regulation.

  • We guarantee that the maximum person capacity of the respective room is maintained.

  • The sanitary facilities will be equipped with sufficient liquid soap, disposable towels and disinfectants.

  • The thorough cleaning/disinfection of the room, especially the tables, is carried out by our team before and after each event

  • We install floor markings (spacing) if necessary, if necessary also for common areas (corridors, staircases, elevators, sanitary facilities)

  • We provide additional protection (in addition to mouth-nose protection, gloves) at the accreditation and reception with plexiglass partitions.

  • Access to the rooms is via the staircases, so that there is no accumulation in front of or in the lifts. The hotel has access via the staircase in Stephanstraße and 2 entrances in Birkenstraße.


You as organizer implement the following measures:

  • Information to all participants (participants, speakers, personnel) on hygiene rules, cough/sneezing etiquette and behaviour on site.

  • They actively point out that the minimum distance must be observed.

  • Exclusion of guests from participation if symptoms of illness occur or contact has been made with infected persons (or return from risk area - lapses in case of worldwide travel warning).

  • In the public areas of the building, participants are obliged to wear their own mouth-nose protection - a mouth-nose protection can also be purchased at the hotel reception for €6.00.

  • Ask the participants on site for their own mouth and nose protector, hand out a mouth and nose protector or buy one at the reception.

  • Equipping the staff at the accreditation desk with protective equipment including disposable gloves and mouth and nose protectors.

  • They organise a delayed admission, avoid queues and reduce the length of stay.

  • Important: Please note that unannounced checks can be carried out by the public order office. In case of violation or non-observance of the above mentioned measures for the organizer, the organizer bears the costs caused by the participant.



  • The spacious restaurant area offers separate entrances and exits as well as wide walkways. There are several seating areas, many windows and a spacious rotunda.

  • Our lunch buffets as well as all coffee breaks in the restaurant are arranged on a one-way street principle.

  • In the buffet area, in addition to the minimum distance (1.5 m), a mouth and nose protection obligation applies to all guests.

  • Fresh and warm food is served at the front cooking. Self-service is only available for packaged menus.

  • In order to reduce contact possibilities as far as possible, we do not offer coffee breaks or lunch buffets.

  • Energy breaks are brought into place in the form of a coffee package, snack plate or dish.


  • We implement the officially approved and valid regulations of the State of Berlin for hotel and event operations (distance table/seat, number of guests, service times, etc.).

  • We ensure that meeting all rooms including conference lobbies are ventilated with fresh air before, during (min. during coffee breaks) and after the event.

  • The ventilation duration/cross ventilation in the respective rooms is at least 10-15 minutes per hour and is documented in writing.

  • If stand-up tables are required, they will be set up in such a way that the required minimum distance is maintained. We also provide the tables with a sign indicating the maximum number of guests per table.


  • The routing in the hotel to the conference area or to the individual rooms is designed to avoid unnecessary crossings (one-way street principle).

  • The filter function of the air conditioning system ensures that the fresh air is filtered and fed into the room. At the same time the used air is discharged

  • In the case of conferences taking place at the same time, we agree and coordinate the start of each conference, including break times and the end of the event with all organizers/speakers. In this way we avoid unnecessary accumulations and bottlenecks.

  • Our roof terrace is open for fresh air breaks.

Many thanks for your understanding.
We look forward to welcoming you to our company!
Your MOA Team